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All about Sima

Sima was born and raised in Paris. She later attended college in Canada and completed graduate school in the US. After studying literature and psychology in American universities and abroad, she obtained her Master's degree in the field of Special Education in which she worked as a professional for many years. While settling in Rockland County with her husband, she got first hand knowledge as a consumer of the home buying process and the experience of relocating from the city.

That's when she got introduced to the real estate business for which she  acquired an instant passion! Her negotiation skills and keen knowledge of the housing market as a realtor quickly helped her reach success! Her integrity, personalized attention and patience for her clients as well her proficiency in English, French and Hebrew are some Sima's key assets that have earned her happy returning clients and numerous referrals...

Sima currently resides in the Pomona neighborhood with her husband and 2 children where she is an active agent and expert of the local real estate market.